Chiropractors Deserve More Respect Than They Receive

Being a chiropractor isn’t easy work, and it doesn’t have nearly the reputation it should. Some people have even managed to go most of their adult lives not knowing or visiting the chiropractor. Although people are entitled to their opinions, there is a lot of unjustified hat towards chiropractors.

It’s not BS!

Take, for instance, this website The owner of this website is a reputable chiropractor with experience in the field. However, when my friend went to the told me that it seemed, “Like a lot of BS”. It’s not though. Later my friend admitted that he didn’t really know what a chiropractor did exactly, but he just didn’t trust them. It’s flawed thinking to not trust something just because you don’t know what it is.

What is a Chiropractor?

So what is a chiropractor exactly? To put it simply, chiropractors are just another breed of doctors. You come to them with a problem concerning your health and they do their best to fix the issue. Chiropractors even get their own special abbreviation in front of their name, “DC”, which stands for “Doctor of Chiropractic”. This title doesn’t come in the mail from an online test but through rigorous school work. At Total Health Chiro East Ridge the chiropractor went to Life University to get her degree in becoming a chiropractor. She spent at least 1000 hours in special training in addition to everything she was learning. She had to have an additional 4200 hours of student teacher contact time. This means that even a chiropractor fresh out of college can help you with all of your back and neck needs.

It isn’t easy but somebody’s going to have to do it

Chiropractors don’t have the easiest work either. It’s not like they are just giving you a massage. Chiropractors give special massages designed to relax muscles and easy pain in the skeletal structure. It’s not like the average person could just learn to do what they do in a week. It takes time to develop the skills necessary. Chiropractors can’t just do whatever they want either. They are regulated by special boards that deem what is and isn’t safe for the general public. This lets the patient feel safe when visiting the chiropractor.

They’re helpful too!

Chiropractors are also helping the lives of people everywhere. Studies have shown that chiropractors can help relieve the stress found in patients who are suffering from PTSD, especially from torture. This means military vets can visit places like and find comfort and security where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Chiropractors are also a great source of comfort for older people. They can fix the skeletal issues that generally come with old age. Older people also tend to have fairly weak muscles due to their usual lack of exercise. Chiropractors can also act as another companion for older people. Generally older people have fewer friends and leave the house less often as time goes on. This makes places like excuses for them to interact with other people as well as the outside world.

All of this makes chiropractors worthy of far more respect than they currently have.