Things You Should Ask Before Going To Methadone Rehab

Going to rehab can be a good thing to do especially when dealing with methadone. The sad thing about methadone dependence is that these are patients managing their chronic pain. A detox program aims to get their body back to normal. If you will look at the number of people suffered poisoning from methadone, majority of these cases were unintentional.

As a CNS depressant, it has the ability to slow the heart rate down. One of the most common dangers associated with methadone is that it can lead to respiratory arrest. This is a problematic scenario especially if you are going to mix it up with other drugs. Unlike heroine, it is methadone’s nature to not give you a particular high. Thus, it is even more dangerous as people tend to increase the dosage not knowing that they could already be facing their doom.

In 2006, FDA already issued a statement regarding methadone. It mentioned that bigger dose can be fatal and it is imperative that patients to just stick with what was prescribed to them. Also, it is important that someone taking methadone is taking dietary supplementation in order to prevent the loss of magnesium and calcium.

It is stressful to experience withdrawal symptoms with methadone. It is possible to feel pain and aches as you try to get rid of methadone. How exactly do you get rid of methadone effectively? Worst drugs solution is an important thing to check.

What are the things that you need to look for if you are searching for a methadone rehab facility? Here are some things that can help guide you.

Do they provide nutritional care?

Nutrition is an important part of detox. What most facilities don’t practice is they don’t asses the overall body chemistry of the patient. Why is it important? It is important mainly due to the fact that those who used methadone for quite some time have decreased amount of magnesium and calcium in their body.

Do they trace your support system?

Support system plays a huge role in order to get rid of a person’s dependence towards methadone. Since withdrawal symptoms are hard to resist, it has the ability to get people back into methadone. With friends and family, it has the ability to increase the possibility to increase the chances of getting rid of methadone in your system completely.

Cold turkey or not

It is also imperative to ask if the facility is going to perform cold turkey. It is usually impossible for someone to get rid of his or her dependence on methadone by restricting the intake of the substance. These days, there are those medications that could facilitate someone’s overall recovery. Methadone detox could even last for six months. There are facilities that would even just decrease the amount of methadone that you take. In Canada, this is commonly a practice for those who are under methadone detox.

Overall, you have to ask as many questions as possible if you are going to undergo detox. You need to understand the difficulties, as well as the possible challenges ahead.